Birthday: 1958 Jan. 8
Constellation: Capricorn
Blood: AB
1964 March Graduated from St. Maria Private Kindergarten at Jotoh Ward, Osaka
1964 April Entered Takanodai Elementary School of Suita, Osaka
1968 Sep. Moved to Kitaoka Elementary School of Toyonaka, Osaka
1970 April Entered the Eighth City Junior High School of Toyonaka, Osaka
1973 April Entered Toyonaka Seinior High School of Osaka
1976 March Tried to Get Admission to Faculty of engineering, Osaka Univ.,
but They Refused me because of Bad Result of the entrance Exam
1977 April Entered Faculty of engineering, Keio Univ. at Tokio
1981 March Graduated from the Univ.
1981 April Entered Graduate School of Administration Engineering, Keio Univ.
1983 March Got M.S. Degree from Keio Univ.
1983 April Entered Graduate School (Doctorial Course) of Administration Engineering, Keio Univ.
1985 March Ph. D. Candidate
1986 April Assistant Professor, Nanzan Univ. at Nagoya
1988 Nov. - 1990 July Visiting Researcher at Univ. of Maryland
1988 Dec. Got Ph.D. Degree from Keio Univ.
1989 April Assosiate Professor, Nanzan Univ. at Nagoya
1998 July Professor, Nanzan Univ. at Nagoya


Programming, Software Engineering, Programming Language Processing, and so on


The Construstion of an Aspect-Oriented Software Archirecture Style FOSE2004 Paper in Japanese
Aspect-Oriented Software Archirecture for ORB Middleware OO2003 Paper in Japanese
Hierarchical Aspect-Oriented Software Architectures for Embedded Systems FOSE2003 Paper in Japanese
On Aspect-Oriented Software Architecture:it Implies a Process as well as a Product APSEC2002 Paper
An Application Framework for TCP/IP Applications COMPSAC2002 Paper
Design of an Aspect-Oriented Software Architecture for Web-based Information System ISFST2002 Paper


IPSJ, ACM, JSSST, IEEE CS, SEA (Software Engineer's Association), IECE


To be a Rock'n' Roller, Stevie Salas, Takuro Yoshida, Playing with Kids, Golf(70's Shooter)